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Psychic Children

Keeping you and your area clear!

  There are many ways to keep your self protected. One of the best things to use is meditation with visualization. By creating a visual you give the protection "shield"  a substance you can recall on. I have listed a few videos I have found that will give you your protective shield as well as a few others. 

  Remember it is you and your energy that you are protecting, and nothing has the right to invade that space! 

  So find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed, relax and let them guide you to where you need to be. Oh and don't watch the videos! Close your eyes. And if the video doesn't load just go to You Tube.



Protection & Healing meditation

Great Interview With Chip

Psychic Protection by Don Bernard

Protection by ~ Rebecca marina

Stop absorbing energy by ~ Dr.Judi