Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

Should Kids go on investigations????

  Yes we have found it helps in so many ways, but the important thing is to have them with a good team that will let you go also. Let's explain a bit more. 

 When out on a investigation they get to see some really cool things like the EMF meeter - EVP recorder - special cameras and the list goes on. But the most important thing is getting over the fear. The single most thing that makes what we do with the kids the hardest is getting over the fear of that they see, feel, or hear.Being out with a good team who will work with them is really important! If you find a team ask them questions And ask lots! We are putting together  list for you to ask, and in the resources tab we are going to put some friends that you will be able to check out their sites for information.


More to come........