Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children


  We have been asked how people can help us get out there more. Well sense all John does comes out of his pocket we ask for everyone just to post the link to the site so the parents and kids that my need the information found on the site, will.

  If you would like to do more you can contact John at

A note from John,

  Blessings everyone!

  I personally want to thank everyone for all the great questions, I hope we have covered them all as best as we can. And as always, if there is something we missed or you want more information on please let us know! I try to get to all the emails as soon as I get them. Remember this site is for you leave comments and questions on the forum so others can help with the answers!

  I have been asked on the circuit if there is a place for donations for the work I do. As of now I still do everything myself when it comes to the finance portion but it is getting to where I am going to have to put up that tab.So to those great caring  friends I will get it on here at some point........

Thanks to all of you!


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