Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

Things they may experience

Here are some things that you may think are out of this world but are common.

1. Pokes ~ Tugs ~ Pulls

 Sometimes you may get a slight poke or a tug. This is normal and scary but you can tell them to stop!  If you get a poke they are just letting you they are there most of the time this wont happen but if it does just tell them to stop and not to enter your space like that. I have asked a few Mediums and they said they still have that happen to them even after all the years they have been doing what they do, and telling them to stop works as long as you mean it.


2. Noises ~ Voices

 There are many places I have been when I have heard either my name called by someone not there  or just noises. Like sometimes you hear foot steps or creekie floors, knocks on walls, and the list goes on. It can be creepy, but it is all normal!! Really! And most of the time it is just the place where you are is settling or the the temp out side has changed.And yes there is the times when you ask for the spirit to give you a sign and you get the knock or a noise. Don't scream! You asked for it and got it! Thank them!


3. Shadow people

 90% of the time when you kids (yup you adults also) see shadow people floating around the ceiling it is because you are either waking up or falling to sleep and your brain waves are resonating at the level where you can see them. That means your energy and their energy are at the same level. Kids get scarred and stare at them to the point of getting so tired that they see them longer due to the brain wave resignation. You can put lavender oil near or on your pillow to help fall asleep quicker and more relaxed. You can also tell your child that they are the night angels making sure they are going to sleep and he reason they are shadows is so they can hide at night cause during the day they are white. Shadow people are just spirits moving around that they or you can see for a moment. Children are naturals for holding their vibration at a level, so when they see something they keep their energy at that point until they get interrupted or the energy changes like turning on their light.


4. Physical or emotional feelings 

  When they pick up a feeling it is, most of the time, a memory left behind by a person or spirit. like when there is a car accident for example and they walk through the area and they feel pain or like crying it is due to the energy of the moment left behind. And on paranormal events I have the kids walk through a spot where I know it is a memory so they can get use to the feeling and not label it as negative energy. That happens too much where energy left behind is mistaken for something negative. And they "think" there is someone there when it is just the emotional energy left behind. There are the times when a spirit will give off emotional energy.