Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

Natural Healers

   Natural healers are just that, they use nature to heal. Whether it is using plants, crystals or the energy around them energy workers can pull from a resource and use its energy to help a client. When we do a energy treatment we are working the energy body and in doing so effects the psychical body. The tow coincide with each other when one is sick the other becomes sick. That is why it is so important to have energy treatments and have the body balanced!!

  There are a large array of energy treatments Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Re connective therapy, Tone Therapy......and the list goes on. Here are a few things to look for to see if your child is a natural energetic. These are things we have found and witnessed the kids doing, if there are other things you children do please feel free to add them!

Some things to look for

~ One of the biggest is kids collecting stones. They bring home all kinds from every where and display them proudly. They feel a connection to them and the earth and know they hold energy that can heal.

~  Just knowing people are sick! They can be next to someone and tell them there is something wrong with them. They read their energy or see it in the energy field.

~  Seeing colors around people is another. The colors around people they see is the auric field or the chakras.

~  Seeing the same around plants and animals.

~  They feel the healing energies of crystals.

~  They also feel like there is a flow going down their arms and out their hands causing their hands to heat up or have a tingling feeling.

~ Children can also connect to someone and feel their symptoms this is a form of empathic abilities. 

~ Wanting to fix everything they see that was whole. Like a tree with a broken limb and they walk up and say, "I will fix you Mr. Tree!"

and the list gos on...... 

What to do  ????

   Great, now your kid is fixing broken trees and telling sick people what is wrong with them! So now what?

  Well don't tell them they are crazy, they will only try to prove you wrong or shut down. Encourage them and ask questions!! Sometimes they are even given information like a psychic, write it all down! You can even try to find a Energy practitioner to take a look at them and give you some help, or leave a question here! We will be glad to answer anything you might have a question on.

   Get some natural healing books or hop on the web, ask our kids what they feel or see and TOGETHER look for a answer or a explanation. Working together creates a bond and helps you and your child to understand, and in most cases, one of the parents has the same ability!

  Just don't tell them they can't "see" or "feel" what it is they are, doing this closes the trust door and opens a place for them to hide in where they wont trust anyone.