Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

Write in a journal         ~ Parents ~

  *Having a journal for your self to keep track of things that may be changing with your child and dates . This can be very important not only for you but for your child also. As you see things change or behavior patterns you can log them for reference. You may notice that on certain times of the month their mood or abilities are changed or heightened or there may be a difference with them when they are at other peoples homes. Here are somethings I have put together that I look for with the kids.

~ Do they notices things you don't see not only around the house but outside as well

~Do they talk to them selves and say stop or no a lot

~Do they get frustrated for no reason and tell you that you wont understand

~Are they afraid to sleep or have weird sleeping hours

~Do they seem to daydream all the time

~Do they draw things that have people and lots of lines or webs

~Do they seem withdrawn when around other kids

~Do they look and seem to interact with their imaginary friend

~Do they tell you I wish you could see what I can see 

   The list can go on but it's your child, you know them best. Just keep writing what you feel is important. Look for patterns so you can identify when they may be uneasy or that they may have just seen or felt something. Your the parent, and you want to protect your children so be patient and on matter how wild it may seem ask them, work with them, be there for them and most of all listen.