Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

 Keep a Journal !! Keep a Journal !! Keep a Journal !!

 Why keep a journal?

~Well it is a place you can put everything you see, feel, sense, hear and draw. I tell all the kids as well as adults I work with to keep journals. Put dates to the pages and times so you have a record of the things you have written.

~If someone comes (Spiritual) to you and you make that connection, write down everything you can and be as detailed as you can. Don't be afraid to ask questions and always say thank you for channeling through me and giving me this information   (I do) It keeps your connection a positive one and cut off the energy connection.

~If it is a dream, try to notice particular things in the dream like dates on calenders, the time, what the person or people in your dream were wearing. Did you hear or smell anything? Look up the meaning of dreams to help get more out of what it may have meant. Remember EVERYTHING in a dream can have a meaning, right down to seeing broken steps in the front of a house.

~If you have a vision, not only write down every detail you can but ask why did you see that? This will also help heighten your senses. Where were you when it happened? What feelings did you get being there? Was there background noise? How did it effect you after. Do you keep seeing the same vision and if so are there any changes?

Drawing ~ Sketching ~ Doodle ~ Color ~ Paint~

There are a few important reasons for this!

1. Helps get out the frustration. You may not know what is coming through or you may feel some sort of anger. This is a great way to get it out and look at it again later when you are more relaxed.

2. It gives you a visual aid when trying to make sense of things. When I do readings I will sometimes sketch at the same time. This helps me get more out of the reading due to the pictures that come through and keeps me relaxed.

3. You can go back to retrieve the moment or to see if you may have missed something. Sometimes we see more when we come back to it. No one looks at an abstract painting in the same way!

4. It makes a great cross reference! You can go back to past drawings and see what they meant then to see if it may have a similar meaning now.

5. It is your record. You can show others that have similar abilities you. You can then see if they get the same thing. Also not everything that may come to you now is for this moment! You may doodle something today and it mean nothing but then remember you did it months later and have it make sense. (Happens to me all the time!)

6. For me this is the most important, it cuts off the energy connection you made. When you connect and the energy flows through and you get your reading you want to cut off the flow when you finish. I do a few things like shower, eat to re ground, smudge (burn sage) and close my sketch pad and say, "I am done."

                                 ** What I mean by READING **

   If you are reading for someone by the use of cards, psychic or medium, there is Spiritual energy coming to you, you get a feeling from something you may have touched, or any type of Spiritual work.