Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

What we are working on with John

John has brought us together because Spirit has shown him some more things and he wants them on this site instead of building another so everyone can commune together in one place. So as we work with him and put it together we will be adding more tabs. Here is what we are currently working on. And remember, we add to the other tabs as more information comes to him ( and from you! ) we will post it.

~ Children and energy work

~ Indigo's - Crystal's - Seeds :let's remove the labels and work with their abilities!

~ Children and energy treatments (natural healers)

~ Activities for families to do using energy!

~ Helping ground "Hyper" kids

~ Helping "day dreamers" focus

~ Stories from John and ones you may have to share

**And as always this is a open site if there is anything you think we have missed or would like more information on please let us know!!