Parents With Gifted Children

Psychic Children

Questions you can ask or answer

  Here are some questions I ask parents to ask their children and that I use during interviews. They may help you with opening a conversation with your child. Or you (at any age) may be reading this and be able to answer them. If you do, you may have a gift or ability. While reading them if you find yourself saying "I do that," or "yeah I do," then please if you need some kind of help or someone to talk to email me at:

And smile, you are not alone!

Set 1.

Have you ever:

1. Heard voices or noises that were not from the people or place you were at?

 (example- someone call your name or banging)

2. Felt like there was someone near you but there was no one?

(example- Felt like you were being watched) 

3. Smelt odors that did not go with your surroundings?

(example- flowers, cookies, earth, burnt, musty)

4. Had a taste come to you out of no where?

(example- metal,food,wet,coal)

5. Picked up a object and got a feeling from it?

(example- a old watch and got a vision of a old man) 

6. Seen a haze or smoke when there is nothing there?

(example- out of the corner of your eye you see a illuminated sphere)

Set 2.

Have you ever:

1. Felt heat or tingling in your hands or the top of your head?

2. Seen colors around plants, animals or people?

3. Had an imaginary friend?

4. Have been told you have an over active imagination?

5. Wondered why some of your dreams come true or what their meanings are?

6. Why you don't want to be in crowds?

7. Felt like no one understands you?

8. Felt that it is better just to be alone?

9. Felt like you belong in the woods?

10. Felt like you don't belong here ?