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  I have created this site for parents who have children with special Psychic, Intuitive, and paranormal gifts and are looking for some real answers or help. Our children have been blessed with what some call gifts but as I have found they, our children, see it more as a curse. They become antisocial and withdrawn in most cases. And the only thing is they have no one to talk to about their gifts or feel no one will believe them. It is so important for them to be able to talk to others about what they see, feel and sense. Not only that but it is just as important for their parents to be able to do the same.

  Do you have a "hyper active" child who is always wanting to do something and gets bored easily? Do they like to draw and paint? Are they attracted to plants, rocks, or animals? These children unfortunately are labeled and medicated when most of them just need their energy redirected.

So let us remove the labels of "Crystal" "Indigo" "Star Seed" and all the others. They are kids with gifts, if you place a label on them you place a limit on them and they have no limits!

  That is my reason for creating this site; I was one of them. Now, after years of looking for answers and working with an array of gifted people. While I am still learning, I can offer help to other parents with children like mine. I have been blessed with a great group of practitioners that have their own "gifts" who also want to help parents and their children.

   So please, if there are any questions you may have or information you would like to add email me at

  Also please bare with me, There is a lot of information I want to put on this site it will take some time to build it.


Shaman John

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